Try These Tips to Support Your Child at School

Friends and family’s involvement in their school life can really help children achieve much at school. Getting involved even in the smallest way makes the child feel that you care and that is a great motivator.

Help your child get the best out of school

School Education

  1. Appreciating your child’s smallest of achievements is a great way to motivate them at school. This will really boost their confidence.
  2. To ensure they are not overburdened with homework and assignments, teach them basic organization and time management skills.
  3. Be realistic with your expectations from your child. Over burdening them sky high expectations will only ruin the situation rather than making it any better. Let him develop at his own pace.
  4. Never make your child feel like a failure. If they are not getting something right or not doing good at something, put it across to them in a constructive way like ‘this has not worked’ rather than saying ‘you are not working hard’.
  5. Always show interest in your child’s education by contacting their teachers regularly and taking progress reports. This makes the child feel that you care about his education.

Tips on how to keep up with what’s happening at school

After School

  1. When your child returns from school, make sure he gives you letters that are meant for you.
  2. Keep a check on the school website to know the latest about the school.
  3. Try and make it to the events and meetings at school like parents day, parent teacher meetings, sports day, etc.

Out of school support

School Support

  1. Provide your child with an opportunity to explore his own interests apart from what is being taught in studies. Notice what he enjoys doing so that he builds constructive hobbies.
  2. Spend time with your child by traveling with him to different places, watching television, discussing issues and encourage them to ask questions always.
  3. Develop a reading habit in them. Reading about anything, current issues from newspapers, magazines novels, anything would do. The best way to teach a child is leading by example.
  4. When your child returns from school, never bombard him with questions. He may be tired and hungry at that time. But later, always be available to listen to them.