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Be Unconventional

In this running world of science and technology it is important to be up to date with the latest information and practice. It’s simple and highly important for people in this planet to know and update themselves on what’s going all the time. There could be several questions in mind; What are the consequences if I am conventional? Why being unconventional is important? What to do, to be unconventional?

There was a time when heard of things like pagers, which people used to communicate with each other, which was even considered as 1G. It was later upgraded to 2G which came along with voice. This shift was made by the people and for the people. The 2G got birth because of the need of certain set of people in this planet, which other people followed gradually. Imagine a set of people using pager until now where world has already migrated to a smart phone community. Had people been using same old technology then their efficiency would have been affected and they would have lost the charm of new innovations.

Being unconventional is nothing relating to being anti conventional. Apparently the current unconventional is the heir of something conventional now and unconventional in the past. The unconventional solves a lot many complex things and makes it simple. The current era of smart phone is the best example to note its importance. The current age of smart phone is not only smart but also wise enough to process what you need, analytics have backed it very well. So if we remain unconventional, we will not have to do much mechanical and redundant.

Being unconventional is very simple readying blogs, articles and a curious mindset can increase ones’ knowledge and any practical experience in unconventional stuff would help to a great extent.

Why my child is not confident anymore.

A child is a perfect human being when he/she takes birth. They come with infinite imagination and determination, and of course confident enough to be a Justin Bieber on stage without fear. But what happens to that child when it grows little older? Where is all the confidence gone? Who should take care of it? Let’s read further to get to know some breath taking facts in this following short story.

A couple was blessed with a little girl child in the year 2006. Many friends and relatives came to the hospital to see the baby. The child was looking very cute and beautiful. Everyone congratulated the Parents and the Grand Parents. They took a lot of care about the baby girl and before they could realize the time their daughter have gradually started walking and talking. It was another beautiful phase for them when she was talking, she talked very sweetly which was from her infinite thoughts and her sweet little world. She talked about things like, how by just wearing her new dress, she is a princess and starts acting like one. She stood up on the bed and delivered a beautiful public speech do the people of her imaginary kingdom,

”Hello to all my people in this kingdom. It is very sad to know that few people are fighting among themselves for something very trivial in life, why can’t you drop your anger and stay peacefully. Peace can give you good toys and dolls which anger can never give. Anger can only destroy you and all your toys. With this I am giving you all a warning that never ever fight again otherwise I will order the security to take your toys and dolls. I should never listen anything further. Ta ta, bye bye, now go and play with your respective dolls in your kingdom.”

While she was orating the above, her mother saw this and gave a smile. Her mother wanted to share this with everyone in the family and relatives on a lighter note. She shared this part of the story with one of her friend who has visited her house, her Mother “Do you know my daughter played as princess, delivered a speech and is so funny she said peace can give you toys and dolls, I was almost about to laugh out loud”.

Her friend, ”I am so excited to listen her speech, please call her.”

Her mother,” Baby, are you in there, please come here, aunty wants to see you”

Then the cute little girl arrived and said “Hello Aunty”. Her friend asked the girl, ”Hello, I heard you were a princess yesterday.” The girl replied, “Yes!”

Her mother said, “Baby please show aunty how you gave your speech”. The girl asked them to wait, she went inside and changed her clothing to that particular attire and returned to give the speech. She started” Hello to all my people…”. Soon after she finished both mother and her friend started laughing, “toys and dolls?” in chorus. It was definitely funny for the adults but it was not for her, it was her confidence, imagination and thought process at which they were laughing.

There are several small incidents like this in life which affects the confidence of a child, which every parent should take care and be a guide to show path and encourage in every aspect of life. Hope you liked the blog!Confident kid